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Pledge to Provide Quality Service:

The Mississippi Forensics Laboratory (MCL) is mandated under the M.C.A. §45-1-17 to “staff, equip and operate a crime detection and medical examiner laboratory…” under the oversight of the Commissioner of the Department of Public Safety. All properly submitted evidence relinquished to the MCL will be handled with extreme care to ensure evidentiary integrity including that a proper chain of custody is maintained. MCL will select and utilize appropriate, validated scientific techniques of our choice, to include outsourcing of analytical services, to provide our user/client agencies with accurate, complete, and timely forensic science services. When any evidence is outsourced, this work will be placed with a competent subcontractor that complies with the ISO17025:2005 International Standard or whose competence for the work in question is assured by other means. By submitting evidence to the MCL, the user/client agency agrees to the conditions and terms expressed in this “Pledge to Provide Quality Services” notification.